Kindergarten: Animals in Winter

Continuing with the theme of using our senses to explore the world around us, Kindergartners will discover and learn about natural treasures related to winter.

Grade 1:       Bats

Students will learn about this most amazing mammal, its adaptations, and the benefits of having bats living near us.

Grade 2:       Tracking Tales

To continue our investigation of animal adaptations, we’ll experience the different ways that animals move, look at their very unique feet, and learn to identify tracks.

Grade 3:        Wolves, Coyotes, Foxes

Students will explore the differences and similarities between these mammals and begin to understand their very important place in keeping the ecosystem in balance.

Grade 4:        Bird Language

Students will look at unique bird adaptations, reviewing what they learned about owls and compare this information to birds in general, and then specifically to the Common Loon.

Grade 5:        Kill-A-Watt

Using a Kill-A-Watt device students will compare the energy use of different kinds of light bulbs, as well as some of the appliances in use in the classroom.

Grade 6:        Goldenrod Gall Dissection

Students will learn about goldenrod galls, the stem gall insect, the parasite, parasitoid, and predators that feed on the stem gall insect. Through gall dissection and data collection, they will begin to understand natural selection and co-evolution.

Third Grade: Wolves! Coyotes! Foxes!

Third Grade: Wolves! Coyotes! Foxes!

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