Grade K:       Eggstravaganza

Students use their senses to discover spring things, which leads to an exploration of eggs. Who lays eggs? Students sort a variety of creatures into egg-layers and mammals, and then check their understanding while reading “Chickens Aren’t the Only Ones.”

Grade 1:        Beautiful Butterflies      

Students become monarch butterflies as we explore the life cycle and migration of these amazing insects.

Grade 2:        Tree Factory

The entire class becomes part of a tree, with each group demonstrating an important function in the process of photosynthesis and understanding how trees make their own food.

Grade 3:        Bear Basics

Students what they know about food chains and habitat to learn all about our shy north woods neighbor. A bear skull and hide give students a hands-on experience.

Grade 4:        Home Tweet Home

Animal adaptions aren’t just about body parts. Adaptations are actions, too! Students learn about the wide variety of nest-building styles of Wisconsin birds, and then try their hand at the difficult task of constructing a nest.

Grade 5:        Product Life Cycles

Lots of energy goes into making products we use every day. Students will discover what goes into making a pencil, and make their own product life cycles using classroom objects.

Grade 6:        Goldenrod Galls – Data Analysis

Look at graphs and other descriptive statistics from the goldenrod galls dissected during the winter visit. Discover how natural selection might be at work in a field of goldenrod, and talk about research study design.

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First Grade: Monarch Butterflies

Fourth Grade: Nest Building

Fourth Grade: Nest Building
















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