Kindergarten:  Exploring Nature through Your Senses

Kindergarten students begin to build their natural history knowledge as they use their senses to learn about things from nature related to the fall season. They smell, listen, touch, and finally see all of the interesting things in this kit.

Grade 1:        Spiders

First graders discover just how interesting and harmless spiders are in this lesson. Students learn about distinguishing spider characteristics, spider habitats and the variety of unique spider hunting skills.

Grade 2:        Adaptations

In this lesson, students learn about adaptations that help animals to survive. This lesson is hands-on with a variety of books, skulls, and animal pelts.

Grade 3:        Food Webs

Learning how all things are connected and the importance of this connection to ecosystem health is the focus of the third grade lesson.

Grade 4:        Owls

Understanding the characteristics of raptors and the unique adaptations of owls is the focus of this lesson. It wraps up with owl pellet dissection and an avid interest in owls by amazed fourth graders.

Grade 5:        Mining for Coal

Students begin the study of energy with the goals of understanding how coal was formed, discussing some of the issues related to coal burning, and beginning to think about how they could reduce their energy usage.

Grade 6:        Symbiosis

Students will learn about symbiosis, and discover the three types of symbiotic relationships.  With this comes the understanding that everything in nature is connected.

Fourth Grade: Owls

Fourth Grade: Owls

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