Native Plant Sale starting May 27, 2018



Our focus is on plants that attract native bees and pollinators. This year’s native plant sale will coincide with the grand opening of our new exhibit on bees!

We have a wonderful selection of attractive native plants, seeds and shrubs chosen to  enhance your ecosystem by providing food and nesting materials for our local pollinators. Native plants evolved to grow in local conditions and every plant at this sale came from a garden within 15 miles of Cable.

Plant experts will be on hand to help you find the right plants for your growing conditions.

All proceeds benefit the Cable Natural History Museum. For further information, please contact the Museum at 715-798-3890 or

Here is a partial list of the native plants available: (We will also have some vegetables and other perennials available)

Anise Hyssop


Red Twig Dogwood

White Snowberry Bush

Great Blue Lobelia

Coreopsis verticillata


Lanceleaf Coreopsis


Campanula carpatica

Veronica Spicata

Evening primrose – Sundrop


Dutchman’s breeches

Virginia bluebell

Purple coneflower

Pale Purple coneflower

Queen of the Prairie

Foam Flower

Maiden Hair Fern

Veronica, pink

Woodland poppy

Jacob’s Ladder

Pussy toes, Antennaria neglects

Pearly Everlasting

Hoary Vervain

Honeysuckel bush

Native grasses

Rattlesnake Master

Joe Pye Weed

Sweet Joe Pye Weed

Heppatica white

Heppatica blue

Bachelor’s button, purple/hot pink

Blue eyed grass

Bee balm, red part shade

Turtlehead, pink

Wild ginger


Sweet grass

Jerusalem artichoke


Wild clematis

Red root

Blazing star, two kinds

Blueridge buckbean

Black cohosh

Culvers root


Royal catchfly

Bottlebrush grass



Little bluestem

Big bluestem

Orange headed coneflower

Obedient plant

Zigzag goldenrod

Poke milkweed


Swam milkweed

Native sunflower

Wild blue indigo


Black eyed Susan


Prairie dock

Cup plant

Turtlehead, white & pink

Blue eyed grass

False indigo

Black Eyed Susan

Bishop”s Cap

Common Bluestar, Amsonia

Goat’s Beard

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