Native Plant Sale starting May 26 & 27, 2018



Our focus is on plants that attract native bees and pollinators. This year’s native plant sale will coincide with the grand opening of our new exhibit on bees!

We have a wonderful selection of attractive native plants, seeds and shrubs chosen to  enhance your ecosystem by providing food and nesting materials for our local pollinators. Native plants evolved to grow in local conditions and every plant at this sale came from a garden within 15 miles of Cable.

Plant experts will be on hand to help you find the right plants for your growing conditions.

All proceeds benefit the Cable Natural History Museum. For further information, please contact the Museum at 715-798-3890 or

HOURS: Saturday, May 26, 10am – 4pm and Sunday, May 27, 10am – 2pm 

Here is a partial list of the native plants available: (We will also have some vegetables and other perennials available)


FS Full Sun, PS Part Shade, SH Shade, W Wet, M Medium, D Dry, W attracts pollinators/host plant, B attracts birds
FORBS(wildflowers)     Sun Soil Bloom Color Ht Comments
Agastache foeniculum   Anise Hyssop FS-PS M J-A-S Purp 3-5’ Aromatic
Amorpha canescens   Lead Plant FS M-D J-S Purp 2-3′ W
Anaphalis margaritacea   Pearly Everlasting FS-PS D J-J-A-S White 2’ W
Antennaria plantaginifolia   Pussytoes FS D A-M-J White 1′ W
Aquilegia Canadensis   Columbine SH-FS M A-M-J Red 2” B
Arisaema triphyllum   Jack-in-the-pulpit PS-SH M M-J-J Green 2’  
Asarum canadense   Wild Ginger SH M A-M-J Red 6″  
Asclepias exalata   Poke Milkweed PS M J-J White 5′ W
Asclepias incarnata   Swamp Milkweed FS W-M J-J-A Pink 4’ W
Asclepias syriaca   Common Milkweed FS-PS M-D J-J-A Pink 3’ W seeds only
Asclepias tuberosa   Butterflyweed FS-PS M-D J-J-A Org 2’ W
Aster novae-angliae   New England Aster FS W-M A-S-O Pink 5′ W
Baptisia Australis   Wild Blue Indigo FS M J-J Blue 4′ B
Blephilia hirsuta   Hairy Wood Mint FS-PS M M-S Purp 2-Jan W zone 4
Chelone glabra   Turtlehead SH WET J-A-S White 5’ WB
Chelone    Pink Turtlehead SH M J-A Pink 5’ WB
Clematis virginiana   Virgin’s Bower vine FS M J-A-S White 9′ W
Coreopsis verticillata   Threadleaf Coreopsis FS M J-J-A Yel 3′ W
Dicentra cucularia   Dutchman’s Breeches SH M A-M White 1′  
Echinacea pallida   Pale Coneflower FS-PS M J-J Pink 3’ W
Echinacea purpurea   Purple Coneflower FS-PS M J-A-S Purp 4’ W
Eryngium yuccifolium   Rattlesnake Master FS M J-A-S White 4’ W
Eupatorium maculatum   Joe Pye Weed PS-FS W-M J-A-S Pink 5’ W
Eupatorium purpureum   Sweet Joe Pye Weed PS-SH M J-A-S Pink 7′ W
Filipendula rubra   Queen of the Prairie FS W-M J-J-A Pink 5’ W
Galardia   Blanket Flower FS M-D J-J-A-S Y-O 2-3′ W
Geranium maculatum   Wild Geranium SH-FS M-D A-M-J-J Purp 1′ W
Helenium autumnale   Sneezeweed FS-PS W-M A-S-O Yel 4’ W
Hepatica acutiloba   Sharp-lobed hepatica SH M A-M Wt-Pu 7″ W
Heterotheca villosa   Hairy goldenaster FS M-D J-O Yellow 2′ W
Hydrophylum virginianum   Virginia waterleaf PS-SH M M-J Purp 2′ W
Lobelia cardinalis   Cardinal flower FS-PS W-M J-A-S Red 4’ B
Lobelia siphilitica   Great Blue Lobelia FS-PS W-M A-S-O Blue 3’ B
Mitella diphylla   Bishop”s cap PS-SH M A-M-J White 1′ W
Monarda     Beebalm SH M J-J-A Red 2′ W
Monarda bradburiana   Bradbury’s Monarda PS-SH M J-J Pink 2’ WB
Monarda citridora   Lemon mint Beebalm FS-PS M-D J-A Lavend 1-2′ WB
Oenothera pilosella   Prairie Sundrop FS-PS M M-J Yell 2′ rhizomatous
Petalostemum (Dalea)   Purple Prairie Clover FS M J-J-A Purp 1-3′ W
Petalostemum (Dalea)   White Prairie Clover FS M-D M-J-J White 1-2′ W
Pentemon digitalis   Foxglove FS M J-J White 4′ B
Physostegia angustifolia   Obedient Plant FS-PS W-M A-S Pink 4’ B
Polenonium reptans   Jacob’s ladder SH-FS M A-M-J Blue 1′ W
Pycnanthemum virginianum Mountain Mint FS-PS W-M J-A-S White 3’ W
Rudbeckia hirta   Black-eyed Susan FS-PS M J-J-A-S Yel 3’ W
Sanguinaria Canadensis   Bloodroot PS M A-M White 6″ W
Scrophularia lanceolata   Early Figwort PS-SH M M-J-J Green 5’ W
Silphium perfoliatum   Cup Plant FS-PS M J-A-S Yel 8’ WB
Sisyrinchium albidum   Blue Eyed Grass FS-PS M M-J Blue 6in W
Stylophorum diphyllum   Celandine Poppy PS-SH W-M A-M-J Yel 1’ W
Symphyotrichum puniceum Swamp Aster FS W-M A-S Purp 6′ W
Thalictrum    Tall Meadow Rue FS-PS M J-J Crm 6’ W
Tradescantia    Spiderwort SH-PS M M-J-J Purp 1’ W
Uvularia grandiflora   Bellwort SH-PS M A-M Yel 1’ W
Verbena hastate   Blue Vervain FS-PS M J-A-S Blu 3’ W
Veronia noveboracensis   New York Ironweed FS-PS M A-S-O Purp 6’ W
Veronicastrum virginicum   Culver’s Root FS-PS M J-J-A White 5’ W
Verbena stricta   Hoary Vervain FS M J-J-A-S Blu 2′ W
Zizia aurea   Golden Alexander FS-PS M J-J Yel 1-3′ W
Grasses and Ferns                
Schzachyrium scoparium   Little Blue Stem FS-PS M-D 3’ Warm season grower
Fern   Maiden Hair SH M 2′      
Hierochloe odorata   Sweet Grass FS-PS W-M 2′      
Trees and Bushes                
Diervilla lonicera native Dwarf Honeysuckle PS-SH D J-J-A Yellow 3′ WB
Viburnum   Snowball FS-PS M M-J White 8′ WB
Cornus stolonifera varigated Red Twig Dogwood FS-PS W-M J-J-A-S White 10′ WB
Symphoricarpos albus native Snowberry Bush FS-PS W-M M-J White 4′ WB
Eastern Wahoo     FS-PS M June Dk Purp 12-20′ WB
Garden and Perennial Plants             
Astilbe, mini     SH-PS         8″  
Daylily   yellow FS-PS       2′  
Ferns     FS-PS       4′  
Hosta, variegated     SH       3′  
Hosta, Mouse Ear     SH       6″  
Iris, Asian   Blue FS        3′  
Johnny Jump up     FS       2″  
Marygold, Carnival   Yellow and Red FS       2′  
Morning Glory   Purple and Pink FS       9′  
Sweet Pea, Bush   Mix FS        3-4′  
Zinnia   Mix, stipped FS       3′  
TOMATOES:  Beef Steak, Brandywine, Sweet 100, Sugar Smack, Yellow Pear, Jaune Flame  
SWISS CHARD: Rainbow mix              
KALE: Siberian and ornamental              
HERBS: Thyme, Oregano, Basil, Dill            

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