The plan for our new Curiosity Center is designed to inspire young people to learn how nature and the outdoors are a world filled with wonder and  awe!

The Tree Climber Exhibit allows children to enter a tree and take stairs to the top or view the canopy with a periscope, investigating discovery nooks along the way. From up top take a snag-themed slide or explore an oversized bird’s nest and release a flying squirrel across the exhibit space! 

Forest Floor Exhibits will create a forest floor theme; climb into a bear den, flip over an interactive log to learn about forest ecosystems, explore an interactive magnet wall, present a play with Northwoods animal puppets, and meet our live collections.

A Climbing Wall provides young visitors with opportunity to explore a beautiful Northwoods scene. Handholds and footholds align with elements of the forest such as climbing across a log or hopping over a stream. 

Consider a donation to support this project! Every penny is important!


Who’s living at the Museum? Search the Curiosity Center to find our resident reptiles and amphibians! Digger, Emory, and Scuba will greet you as you begin your Museum explorations. Click here to learn more about our living critters!


The Johnson Family Curiosity Center was created with help from The Johnson Family Foundation