Did you know you can contribute to scientific research without any special training?  You can become a Citizen Scientist!

There are many projects you can join.  Check out some of these opportunities to find one that interests you:

Participate in our Nature’s Calendar Phenology Project

Click here to explore ways you can become a phenologist!


Contribute to the Northwoods Phenology Project on iNaturalist

  • Record observations of plants and animals, and view the observations of others.
  • Get professional help in identifying your photos.
  • Contact emily@cablemuseum.org or visit iNaturalist to get involved.
white-breasted nuthatch

Audubon Christmas Bird Count

Scour fields and feeders to count as many bird species as possible on this designated day.

Contact haley@cablemuseum.org to get involved.

Sandhill Cranes

Annual Midwest Crane Count

Each April, over 2,000 volunteers participate in this annual survey of Sandhill and Whooping Cranes.  

Contact haley@cablemuseum.org to get involved.


Nature’s Notebook

Track seasonal changes in plants and animals.

Visit Nature’s Notebook to get involved.


Lost Ladybug Project

Find ‘em, photograph ‘em, and send ‘em

Contact emily@cablemuseum.org  or visit www.lostladybug.org to get involved.


Project BudBurst

Pick a particular plant and track it through the year.

Visit budburst.org to get involved


Wisconsin Bat Program

The Wisconsin Bat Program monitors and manages bat populations in the state.
Much of the data the program collects comes from citizen-scientists.

Visit their website to find out more.


Wisconsin Breeding Bird Atlas II

You can help survey all of the birds that nest in Wisconsin.

Contact emily@cablemuseum.org to get involved.

Examining worms!

Great Lakes Worm Watch

Did you know that earthworms aren’t native to Northern Wisconsin?

Contact emily@cablemuseum.org to get involved.

…and find even more opportunities to get involved with Citizen Science in Wisconsin at

Wisconsin Citizen-Based Monitoring Network